Local food

The perfect snack for a
sweet break at any time

Buffet tables laid on a shadowy terrace under the green oaks. Let’s take a gourmet break and fancy the genuine taste of homemade deli meats and sweets. Enjoy our open air cafe inspired by the old style atmosphere of France during the Nineteenth Century. And before you leave, don’t forget our grocery store where you will find some traditional souvenirs of your family visit to the Dordogne.

Salade de gésiers
Terrasse Chez Paul en musique

Restaurant Chez Paul

Open everyday, 12 pm

Shadowy terrace and traditional meals.

In Le Bournat, we like to eat informally. Which doesn’t rule out conviviality and quality at the same time.

Reservation required for the night time (+33 533090563)



Open from July 6 to August 30, 12 pm (brewer everyday)

Toasts, drinks and authentic beer.


Glacier / Pâtissier

Open everyday, 10 am

Confectionery, pastries, ice cream and drink, or even good bread straight out of the bakery.

Roulotte Gourmande

Roulotte Gourmande

Open from July 6 to August 30, 11 am

A savoury break anytime during the day : confectionery, sandwiches, drinks.

Brasero for night time


Rôtisserie Chez Odette

Open everyday, 12 pm

For lovers of roast meat and poultry !

Ptit goûter

P'tit goûter

Open from July 7 to August 30 (closed all saturdays), 1:30 pm

Children can eat a snack near the animals in the mini farm. Ice cream, cotton candy and drinks.

Open from 10am to 6pm !

Closed every Wednesday and Thursday

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